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Define baize. baize synonyms, baize pronunciation, baize translation, English dictionary definition of baize. n. An often bright-green woolen or cotton material napped to imitate felt and used chiefly as a cover for gaming tables. n a woollen fabric resembling felt,...
We've heard the term, "Behind the green baize doors", but what exactly does it mean? You hear this reference most often in regard to servants and in old books. Baize was a sturdy green cloth attached to a swing door. The insulating fabric prevented noises from disturbing the individuals on either side: The ...
However it is not Baize it is felt. From a simple burn test I did with a small scrap I am convinced it is a synthetic material such as polyester not the traditional wool that quality baize and felt are made from. It does appear that it will work for my job but if I build any more of these desks I will purchase the true Baize material from ...

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Cloth - Card Table Cloth (baize)

We at Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies have been making top-quality baize table cloths for bridge for over quarter of a century, so we consider ourselves to be experts on fabrics for card tables and cardplay. There is a lot of confusion about the difference between baize and felt, not only amongst consumers but ...
This is a self adhesive fibre felt off mini rolls. Self Adhesive Felt OFF The Roll. BS EN 71 2006 Part 2 Flammability. BS EN 71 1995 Part 3 Toxicity. BS EN 71 2013 Part 3 Toxicity. This is beyond our. BS EN 71 OLIVE GREEN Sticky Self Adhesive Felt Baize Fabric Mini 5m Rolls UK MAD. £5.99. Buy it now. Free P&P.
1 Yrd Green Baize / Felt Craft Fabric Card Poker Table Pandoras Upholstery®: Green Baize / Felt Size: 36" by 36"(92cm) Made From 70% Wool 30% Viscose Flame Retardant to BS5867 Ideal for draw lining, card and poker tables, bases on clocks and lamps, and craft uses Pandoras Upholstery®: Kitchen.
Because enthusiasts use the applications of baize as covering for furniture such as card tables, linings for drawers, cupboards and storage containers, baize is commonly confused with the felt found on pool tables and indeed may be also be used there as well. Most commonly, baize is green, and is thus ...

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Felt Fabric & Felt Material - Craft Felt | JOANN

At one time the use of felt or green baize, a similar cloth to cover the working surfaces of furniture was confined to the lining of cutlery green baize material and the tops of card tables.
There was the familiar Queen Anne style card-playing table, with scooped- out corner wells for chips or gold guineas: Better tables were covered in baize, a more expensive, woven product, while felt, whose fibers are matted or pressed together, was used on cheaper models.
Today, felt and baize are seen on pulls for desk flaps and on writing surfaces, particularly those of lap desks and writing slopes.
Both materials have become acceptable as green baize material substitute for leather and often are preferable to imitation leather.
Cutting and laying down felt or baize call for no more than average skills.
One essential, however, is the thorough cleaning of the stripped surface to enable the glue to take good hold of the material.
The bulk of the old covering can usually be ripped or go here off by hand. obstinate remains may have to be removed with a chisel with the blade upside down.
In this way you will be less liable to gouge out any wood.
But be careful, for in exerting too much pressure you may cause the chisel to skid over the surface, damaging surrounding click />You also can try laying atop the remains of the old material green baize material double thickness of paper towels dampened with warm water.
Wait for a while and then look to see if it has softened the glue enough to enable you to scrape it away.
In replacing material that has been inlaid, it is essential that you clear away any debris along the edges of the stripped area; otherwise you will not be able to inlay the new material.
Go over the stripped area with 120-grade sandpaper.
With surface preparation complete, take measurements for the replacement cloth, going along all sides of the area to be covered.
This is essential, because in old furniture nothing is truly square.
Lay the material on a perfectly flat surface covered with a bed of newspapers.
Do not use a good table, as the knife may leave score marks.
Either make a paper green baize material or mark the cloth carefully with a ball point pen with a fine point and easy-flowing ink.
Using a utility knife with a new blade, run it along the line, using moderate but steady pressure.
link ruler is insufficient and the blade dull, you will pucker the cloth and ruin the cut.
For the adhesive, use either a white brown woodworking glue, diluted slightly with hot water to make a runny liquid.
Then, using a stiff-bristled brush, work the glue mixture well into the wood until the entire surface has been covered evenly, leaving no dull spots caused through excess absorption.
Lay the cloth close in along one edge and spread it out over the area with the flat of your hands.



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